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Good   fellow Swazi Consumer,

About The Marketplace

This marketplace has hundreds of both new and used items posted on the free Swazi classifieds and other sections to choose from. If you can’t find what you are looking for - we take the time to find it for you.  

No need to make phone calls, put up messages on notice boards, buy space in mainstream media or even pay anyone a commission for finding you a buyer – just follow our quick easy steps and you are done.  

Yes! It’s really that convenient! 

Our goal is simple really i.e. to make a real difference to as many people as possible.

This marketplace, which is a combination of Free Swazi classifieds, shopping, deals, yellow pages and more -  was created by Digital Marketing expert Mfundo Mavimbela – the guy behind and Managing Director at Limfux – the Digital marketing agency.    

In case you are still wondering if this Swazi buying and selling website and its platforms is for you and if you should subscribe – well, here are some few valid reasons why you should try it out. 

Reason #1 - This is absolutely scam free

o No credit card needed

o No online payment necessary

o No account details needed – at all

o No obligation to buy or sell anything – unless you want to of course

o No sign up fees – It’s 100% free to join

Reason #2 - It's Here To Stay

This Swaziland platform to buy or sell has been around since 2011 and every month more and more people from Swaziland login to buy or sell their own items. To you this means more opportunities to make deals.

Reason#3 - Passive Income

You will not only be able to make great deals but you will also have an opportunity to clear out your closet or house while making money on the side and if you are buying – you will find the best deals p to make you happy. Really happy!  

If you join today, you will not only gain free access to our Swazi marketplace but we will also top it up with a quick start guide on how you can start selling or buying in this market place like a pro. 


Yes! A pro – because only pros are able to use the marketplace effectively. 

We Fight Scams Hard

We cannot run away from the fact that some people have join our marketplace to scam others. It happens everywhere right? BUT not to worry, we have a section on the marketplace where we post helpful how-to guides to help you learn to avoid scams and generally how to use Khangisa free Swaziland classifieds - like a pro – Pros don’t get scammed – ever! 

So go on - simply enter your name and contact details on the short form on the page and you will instantly receive access details and useful information to get you started. So please enter your correct details so you don't miss out














I don’t know how long this free offer will be available – especially those cool bonuses – everything could be taken down tomorrow or sometime later today but what I know is this, it’s free now and you are invited! 

You Can Change Your Mind Later- No Strings Attached 

If it turns out that you don’t like this whole thing and it’s not exactly what you were hoping it was – no problem – you can simply unsubscribe by using an unsubscribe button, which we add at the bottom of every email we send you. You click that link and all your details will be instantly removed from our database and you will never hear from us again.

But I’m hoping you will discover that this is exactly what you need and we will continue to work hard to make it better for you. 

It's Not For Internet Users Only

If you don’t use the internet much and feel you may miss out on limited time deals – again, we’ve got you covered. We are working on what we call a “game changer” in Swaziland, this will ensure that you still get the best of the marketplace even when you do not have internet access.  

I Hope to see you inside our community.  

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